I was born in 1985 in Johannesburg South Africa. Grew up in a normal suburb and went to a normal school. After matriculating in 2003 I decided to study Garden designing and horticulture. The three things I love, Nature designs and creating new things.

After starting my professional career as a Garden designer it did not take long for me to fall into the hard landscaping side and construction forms part of this.

Growing up I was influenced a lot by my father who always kept busy creating, improving and fixing all kinds of things. He is a real hands on guy. Naturally I followed him and by doing so, gained a lot of experience and understanding of many things.

I love creating things with my hands, so the change was inevitable.

From Design to Building, I ended up as a Construction Project Manager. Creating  buildings and homes for people and families is all good but I wanted more. I have an urge to create with my hands. To create beautiful things lead me to this…..

I’m still doing the three things that I love.

Nature is always the theme or is somehow reflected in my work.

Designing and understanding how to take a concept to a final product.

Creating the proses of bringing an idea or concept to life.        

To create is my love and my passion. Creating something beautiful that others can enjoy is my goal……..